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The Haute-Garonne and the Lauragais are renowned for the quality of their cuisine. Many small producers are making including the famous foie gras and cassoulets respecting traditions and raw materials. Creators and craftsmen, such as cabinetmakers of Revel, also contribute to the reputation of our territory.

What are these riches that we invite you to discover within the House of Haute-Garonne, showcase for the Department. Our gourmet shop offers a complete assortment of tasty products gourmet and artisanal creations of high quality, for the pleasure of the eyes and the taste buds!

Cassoulets of Lauragais, duck breast or confit of duck, terrines, foie gras, garlic of Cadours, Fronton wines, cheeses, honeys of countries, jams and artisan chocolates, earthenware of Martres-Tolosane, perfumes and scents the Violette de Toulouse or extracts from Pastel furniture art of Revel, pottery... all are prepared with care in Haute-Garonne, by local artisans and producers.

With more than 90 exhibitors and some 2,000 products referenceds, home of the Haute-Garonne thus showcases the culinary traditions and know-how of the territory. Here, you have a wide choice to bring a typical souvenir of your stay in Lauragais!

We are here for you Advisor. We put at your disposal the coordinates of all of our exhibitors, some visit their exploitation or their workshop on request...

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